9/14/2011 - Official Video for "Don't Believe It"

I (finally) released the Official Video for "Don't Believe It" from Antiques.  Check it out!  Here's a little info:

The video was made entirely with a still camera in stop motion over the course of three days of shooting. There were over 7,000 still frames of photography taken.

Director/Editor: Brooke Hanson
Director of Photography: Aaron Meister
Producer: Jasmine Daghighian
Stop Motion Animator (lead): Melissa Thomas
Stop Motion Animator / Additional After Effects Artist: Alex Gamble
Wardrobe Stylists: Tori Willis and Bo Matthew Metz
B-camera operators: Henry Chen, Jordan McNeile
Gaffer: Brian Lehrer
Associate Producer: Miriam Koch
Colorist: Candace Nycz

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